Nighty KNIGHTS...

As mentioned in my previous post I did this little animated thing for work last week...it was a hoot, and was good fun for sketching and working in flash (which I hadn't done in some considerable amount of time.
You see, I used to design stuff in flash for an Children's TV show; and the time spent doing early rough concept drawings was perhaps my favorite... I was very happy to explore board design ideas, then tweak them into whatever might be fun to look at..
I drew this original Knight sketch for the background of my animation project, and had him scroll past in the background. He was hardly on screen for a second.

I liked him so much that I turned him into these three little Variation Knight studies. They were lots of fun to doodle out. Furthermore, I'm also keen on Dan Paladin's work from Behemoth Studios so I put a little of my spin on some Castle Crasher's type dudes.. Check um' out.

They're ready to battle (or comments) and I Hope you dig,