Exploring New Palettes..

I liked the profile on this lady I drew here. So I'm sharing it... I've seen women before with very pronounced brows and foreheads, and it makes for interesting drawings..
Beyond that I'm trying to use a wider palette of colors now and in the future... Will see if this is a step in the right direction..

Hope you Dig..


Nathalia M said...

I like the "new" palette. It's seems more cheerful without being forced. In a way, more natural, like you are really beginning to explore the way colors blend in new and unique ways. Then again I may just be biased since once I start painting I see color differently than normal. Either way I think this is great.

Freckles said...

Great blog! I love your sketches. I really love the blue in this one particularly.


Thanks a lot guys...I really do love my red-oranges and blues I'm even warming up to pinks