2011, things I will shoot for...

I make images.

Some good, some bad, and others are just studies that crop up in my mission to be better at my craft while making a name for myself among you all (my peers) in the art community...

I'm not sure what I'll do with my year of 2011, But its a year flush with options and ripe with potential.

A.)I'm shooting to reboot the website. Gogopedrodotcom will rise again.

B.)March Modok Madness is alive and well in 2011!

C.)I plan to do more showpieces in the new year. I've made some good gallery contacts in the last year and hope I can parley that into more invitations in the future..

D.)I hope to get all over my figure drawing efforts, and possibly take some classes to build new skills.

E.)I also think I'm gonna post more on this here Blog. I'd toyed with the idea that I'd done something like 400 posts in the last four years... So I wondered if i could do 400 posts..in one year...

F.)I'm considering throwing together a book (but, I'm unsure if people would want to buy something like that in these economic times).

I think I can, but I hope you'll all come by and visit me while I'm at it..
Best wishes to you all and feel free to share your artistic new years aspirations with the community.

Here's to 2011.

p.s. Hope you dig the girlie..

1 comment:

Elliot Cowan said...

I dig everything you draw.
You rock.