Over the past some days, since my surgery.
The Drawing Board (a artists forum where I sometimes post work) has been holding one of there Caricature Challenges and the topic for this month was SCARLETT JOHANSSON...
I Scribbled a bunch of studies while bedridden after the procedure, and put one into a rough photoshop finish seen below:

This was harder then I'd expected and I wasn't happy with it in the end. In fact, I had to go back and fix here hair to not look like PINK. Needless to say, harsh words passed between me and my tablet, I cried a little, and vowed that I'd just chalk it up as another failed drawing and let go of trying to render a passable lady Johansson...

Or, so I though....

It seems that I am a Bear for Punishment because some days back I opened a new image of this little lady and scrawled another study, It two was bad...but, I saw a glimpse of hope in it....
So, I took it it photoshop. Pushed some of it around until I was please and then layed into some rendering..Resulting in what you see below.

I am still not happy with it, but I think it looks far more like her then the last pass I made. So, I'm gonna let it go at that. However, truth be told her face will haunt me now....just so hard to nail down...I shouldn't draw beautiful people I guess. But now I can relax with some nice figure drawing and rest...

The End?

Well Hope you enjoy. Lemme know what you think.



A.M.Bush said...

caricature has always been a lot of tedious trial and error for me (when i do them for myself, not counting work). Just keep sketching a bunch of them and piece together the parts that are working for you. when you get the likeness you will really SEE it. good luck

Dagan Moriarty said...

met her Grandmother once outside of AC... true story. (i have witnesses!)
-hahaaa :)
And then, who comes walking down the street but freakin' Steven Tyler... i swear, you can't write this stuff!
great drawings, Pedro... hope you are doin' well.


Thanks guys,

Yep, that sounds about right. Granted though I did start to feel some things clicking on this last image so perhaps I was moving in the right direction. But, I wouldn't ever notice something like that.
thanks for the insight.

You know all the famous people don'cha... I haven't met too many but, suppose that there is still time for that yet. I think I'd trade meeting scarlett's grammy for meeting scarlett in person. But, then again I haven't the foggiest idea what I'd say to the woman.
All things considered though my drawings are plagued with discontent, beyond that I'm on the mend and doing just fine.


ramanjit said...

hahahaha!!!!!!love your blog!!!!
color are awesome.


Thanks ramanjit...
Scarlett was such a pain to try and draw...I tried though...

Glad you like the blog and I appreciate that you stopped by.