Super Mutant Healing?...

Naw, But I wish i had it right now. I'm two weeks out of surgery now, and though things are better then they where just 14 short days ago (when there was a three inch hole in my side) I still don't feel like I'm back to some state of normal.

I drew this a few weeks back whilest eating with some friends. Its a fiddly little Logan Sketch that I slapped a little color onto. But the funniest part is, I grabbed the image after I'd rendered it and played with some filters on it. I was doing this to make a texture layer to pull my colors together, and it actually wound up making this cool little graphic version that still reads as Logan.

Well, I'm gonna keep healing.
Hope your all well.



Ben Newman said...

you're a posting machine at the minute! i like this one a lot, although i prefer the coloured line version to the filtered one, i think because all the detail in his face has been lost. good work!

Tara said...

WOW thanks a bunch! I love you style! everything here is awesome! You have recruited a lurker!

Will Appledorn said...

What great shapes! i really like how you did the face.


Thanks Guys.

Ben, Yeah I see what your saying but still I liked the graphic shapes too. Felt kinda like a PICASSO paints Logan...

Tara, Cool I love it when people lurk. But, don't be afraid to speak up so I don't get too paranoid.

William, yeah...I don't ever draw him to handsome...always want him to have a hatchet faced, wood-sy quality.


Liam said...

nice one-happy accidents are fun!
groovy wolverine anyway-digging his bashed up nose-lots of character there.


Tanks Liam. I figured super mutant healing or not maybe he's had his nose broken enough where it can just stay that way.


Meesimo said...

Nice Logan indeed, sir!
Good luck with the healing factor.