I.C.U.C. We All C. My I.V.

Hey everyone,
I'm not posting drawings for a little while recovering from my recent surgery. But, I assure you that I am drawing... I've got the down time.
Also, I don't want to boar anyone with the details or gross people out but, I figured this was interesting. Its the crazy bruise on the inside of my left arm where they feed me my LIQUID HAMMER, and intravenous sleepy time cocktail. Now I'm not afraid of needles, but, I kinda wished he'd put me out before he'd stuck this thing in my arm..
that needle was long..and was in the vein halfway up into my bicep before he stopped feeding it in there. Still, I'm told the procedure was a roaring success and, that I just need to take it easy and recover....

Least I've got the colorful bruises to entertain me....
Better, Faster, Stronger, GOGOPEDRO2.0..



Liam said...

liquid hammer is the best name yet for an intravenous injection-sounds so cool i almost want one, well almost, get well soon man.

Angela Entzminger said...

Hey Pedro,

ouch! Hope you feel better soon.
And I agree - Liquid Hammer is a great name. Way to keep your sense of humor.

A.M.Bush said...


Get well soon

Will Appledorn said...

ugh,(shudder) I'm no wimp with needles but your description got me all creeped out.

good luck on the road to recovery, man. I'm awaiting new art with bated breath.


Thanks all for the well wishing. I'm just laying around, working on my mobility, and trying to get the blasted swelling to subside...I'm really interested in seeing what my new scar's gonna look like too.

I'm doing alright otherwise I see the doctor again in a few days...


Chocolate Extacy said...

WOW man! get better buddy! And def keep up da drawing, I look forward to seeing some new goodies from you soon!


sal iovine said...

get better man. thats an ill bruise.

Mr.Mr. said...

Get better, buddy.

Stay away from hospitals.



thanks for the love everyone.


Brendan Tobin said...

I hope you hurt your ass next so we can get a photo of yer cheek. Heh.



Thanks Brendan..

Look forward to having a Modok post-game drinking visit soon.