PROF. MODOK, Throwing down the challenge..

The air crackles with tension, and brainwave electricity......

MARCH!, is upon us once again and being that its that time of year can mean only one thing. MARCH MODOK MADNESS!, Returns for its second year. It was this time Last year when my friend, Brendan Tobin sat down for drinks in a Manhattan pub and decided that we wanted to dedicate a whole month of drawings to this fantastic KIRBY styled Marvel Villain.

We had a great year thanks to some awesome guest artists, and lots of creativity. We're looking to REPEAT, and EXPAND..this year.

SO, if you wanna submit some Modok art, a poem, animation, ect. Just pop on over to MARCHMODOKMADNESS and send us and email (the address is right on that blog) then we can send you your invite and sign you up. Thus inducting you into the legion of folks that would rather be "MINDBLASTED!" then suffer through a month of college basketball in silence.

Looking forward to a month of good fun with everyone involved...Please feel free to follow along too if you like, Drop some comments or just throw money.

Modok will approve.

Plus you won't have to sit in the corner for misbehavin'.

All the best and wish us luck.


William Appledorn said...

Modok's back! i missed out on this last year. might have to drop a line to join in the fun this time.

really like this illo, man. good humor.


Thanks William.

I'll shoot you an invite I'm sure you'll do a very loose energetic MODOK..


Liam said...

GoGoModok-i shall bring my pencil out of retirement to scribble some modok nonsense dude-looking forward to this.

Alexiev said...

Whichever power…

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

Alexiev Store


Thanks for the additional support guys.