For those of you out of the loop...
Breaking bad fires up for a new season in about a week..

I am jazzed, although not completely sure how I'll watch this new season.
Still I wanted to put out the word.. Its well worth the watch.
Plus heres some art.
A Walter White (played by Brian Cranston.) From about a year ago during season one. Which I didn't post up here when I did it 12 months back. Since then Cranston Scored a sweet Emmy for his role in this show.

and a brand new endeavor for the season two!

Lemme know what you think,

Thanks for stopping by.



Elliot Cowan said...

What is this show all about?
I like the poster on the trains...


Hey elliot,
thanks for the comment.

the show is great, I sent you an email and tried not to over describe anything...

you should check it out.


Liam said...

good stuff pedro, nice caricature-digging how you dealt with him.

Lovelace said...

Beautiful paintings.

pilartoons said...

Hey Pedro you should send these to Entertainment Weekly or something! I bet they'll publish it! (And pay you handsomely)
Great work!!!