Lefty Loosey....

Dateline.......Yesterday New York, East Side.

So yesterday I took a train down to Harlem and walked crosstown on 125 st. to get over to the east side. I was attending a mock drawing session that a few friends had envited me to particpate in. The models where clothed which I haven't dealt with for a while. But I had a great time regardless....the class was improptu with some fun story telling poses and contests.....

One such contest was to see who could do the best wrong handed drawing. So, If you will look at the drawings below you will clearly see that I am Right handed.....

However, my lefthanded drawing managed to enter the judging.... and guess what happened.

You guessed right.

I wanted to send My thanks to the models (Wendy, and the Happy Homewrecker) and the coordinator (Betty) for this....I look forward to doing another one on down the road...after i have some much needed practice under my belt..


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gina bari said...

Hello Pedro!

I very pleased to see the drawings you did at my mock drawing event on your blog. And with an added bonus of the prize you won. Very cool. I am so glad you had a good time. Most likely I am going to start regular events this summer so I'll keep ya posted.
I just put up my own blog