6x6 "I can feel loneliness too.." Digital Print and Acrylic Transfer.

Hey all,

I'll just take a quick pause on all things March MODOK Madness related to show you something else entirely.  For the past three or four years I've been approached by the ladies of Eat Your Art Out (and the Angel City Derby Girls of Los Angeles) to create some artwork for various auctions.  I've really enjoyed the themes they usually send my way so I make them some stuff.  This year was Twilight Zone themed... So I got involved.

I'd seen an episode here and there in the past, most of them super memorable with great imagery and narrative.  So, in the interest of reigning in my overactive imagination, I watched the first season (36 episodes) and told myself to pick favorites and work on something from the top four or five episodes on my list.  It was hard to make a choice.  Those early episodes have some REALLY good stuff to work with and draw from.  But, I finally decided to make something based on the seventh episode, entitled, The Lonely".

The image came together pretty quickly after that, in spite of my obsessing over smaller details.  I kept the artwork small and relatively simple for the most part. My doing this was twofold, on the one hand I had to pay to ship it to L.A. in short order, and on the other hand I find that people seem to enjoy buying smaller pieces to hang on the wall.

For the most it's a digital collage with sketches and painting thrown in on top.  I pulled bits and bobs from the episode and am rather happy with how thing came out.  My digital transfer process was also pretty seamless this time around (I think I'm getting better at it) and the final artwork had a wonderful textured quality to it.  While the depth of the art board lets it cast a lovely shadow on the wall depending on the lighting.

It's about an inch deep off the wall.  Made for a lovely cast shadow.
In closing, if you are in L.A. tonight I suggest you check out the auction, Lots of great work to bid on.
Hope you dig,


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