Last night in Brooklyn saw the opening of the 3NES show at Bottleneck Gallery. 
I submitted three images to the show, and was responsible for making images based on these big Nintendo Franchises...
Bowser Vs. Mario & The Convenient Axe.
Link Vs. The Dangers of a Rigged Money Making Game.
Samus Vs. Two Metroids & A Partial Justin Bailey Handicap.
I'll go on to say that I DID NOT CREATE THESE CHARACTERS.  But, they were fun do draw and play with.  I used a mix of Pencils, and Copic Markers (which I'm still fiddling with) to get these together.

The Venue was packed and I met a bunch of cool people.  It was kind of amazing to see the line of people that had formed outside of the gallery prior to the opening.  Some NES consoles were hooked up and I indulged in some MARIO BROS and a bit of METROID.  It felt great, and I forgot to photograph anything...  So, a good evening was definitely had.
Thanks again to everyone for the support at the opening last night.  Thanks and congrats to my fellow artists in the show and to Bottleneck for supplying the walls and press exposure.

Hope you dig,

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