I'm still kind of formulating my plans for this year, because I'm also kind of factoring in for some family events and traveling I'm planning that might cut into some of my artistic productivity. On a side note though I'm trying to learn, more about caricature and basically practice my skill sets for exaggeration and observation. I've started a few new paints in the past few days as well as opening some old photoshop files from 2011 that I'd left unfinished. For me it seems that arriving at the finished image is always the biggest part of the battle. I Noodle around quite a bit with my work. This is a snippet of an image I'll try to wrap up here soon, and I'll attache some before and after images in the hopes you can see some sort of improvement in what I'm doing.

Other then that take a peek and lemme know what you think right now, Maybe you know who it is??

Hope you dig.


Will Appledorn said...

Caricatures, alright! hope to see more.

this looks good, however i'm at a loss as to who it is.

(btw, I like the cartoon network like logo)


Thanks for the support Will, I seriously wish I had your chops for this kind of observational stuff and the exaggeration while maintaining a likeness is something I'm really fighting to incorporate into my work..


Brendan Tobin said...

Robert Shaw? Look forward to new caricatures this year during your studies.