I post a lot of digital work here on the blog in spite of the fact that I draw quite a bit, now and then. I've had friends ask why I don't post my images in a more unedited fashion. My sketch pages can in fact get a little messy. This page here is a good example of such. There is a bit of color on it. But, it was drawn on the back of a bit of photostat that I was using for a showpiece... I also drew an image on the page earlier that day (which I didn't like too much) and, later drew over because i'd run out of blank sheets... In honest, I kinda like the MISH MOSH of the image, and imagine I'll try to do more stuff like this in the future...
Hope you dig,


Perpetual Ideas... said...

Great sketch page!! Love the thought process, even 'Jazz is Fantastic'...def dig:)


Jazz is indeed fantastic and easy on the ears... Love electric organ..