Where is my Memory?..


I keep getting sidetracked lately....Seems like the Internet has a lot to do with it....Lots of lights, colors, and sounds.....Distracting.

Very Distracting. So, in the recent interest of working with Flash again. I decided to build some prop type things.... I enjoy using that program so much for design. With some of the Vector applications and the ease with which I can manipulate things. Its very fun.

Granted the object I have here is photoshoped a little. Still, it was fun to make. and it resonated with some of the ideas behind why I'm a little distracted of late.



Adam Rosette said...

bop it. twsit it. pull it.... smash it. kick it. punch it. punch it. punch it. punch it.... throw it away....

ahhh yess... memory games!



I hear that Adam...that was another one that was just a rough game to deal with for too long.

got annoyed really fast.


Kristen McCabe said...

Oh Man, I was so so bad at that game, but I loved playing it.