Times are rough, But being an artist makes things even more uncertain.
I've always been taught that "Life without art is stupid.", and I do believe it.

I am not a Doctor, or a Scientist, but, I think of myself as a sort of professional.
I guess the trouble comes when the craft of what people create is undercut and not really valued as important.

Not trying to get rich...I just wanna get by, and do something I care about.
But, with the financial status of our world, its really hard to see that sometimes.

In retrospect, I am thankful for what I have right now (said it over my turkey dinner last Nov. too), loving my work.
But,even with a little stablity I find myself wondering if it will be enough to meet the future, or have a modest family, or whatever.



Christi said...

be happy that your job provides you with a 401 (k)

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yeah....I am.
But, even in these times, who's to say that it will be enough.


liam said...

I draw for food!!!!!
groovy sketch-no point worrying if us artists are screwed or not-we will just keep drawing anyway-whether we are valued or not
keep up the great work man