Shape Based Drawering

So,..... my buddy NELSON DIAZ http://www.tikirox.blogspot.com is doing an exercise I love. The Idea is that you draw a random shape or set of lines and then see how many things you can imagine out of that base shape. He's been doing this with a group of friends I think. You can see them over at CHOPSHOPSHAPES.BLOGSPOT.COM if you wish.
Dateline last week:

NELSON AND I HAD A DRINK LAST WEEK AND HE LET ME WORK FROM THE MOST RECENT SHAPE...seen here in the fleshy colored faces of these guys. I did a few others but this one stood out for me. Just fun. AND THEN A BIG FIGHT BROKE OUT IN THE BAR!....WHAT AN AWESOME CITY!.

I am not a member of this group but, the exercises are indeed beneficial and I think all artists should do them from time to time.....KEEP THINKING.


liam said...

good stuff--liking the shape based exercises-though a little disappointed to not get out into bar fights with yourself and Nelson.

Ryan Green said...

I'm only seeing ONE thing with THAT shape. *runs to grab his Freudian psychology book* O.o

Gary Doodles said...

this is crazy.. crazy in a cool weird shape kind of way.... keep the punches rolling!

Elliot Cowan said...

Yeah - lovely, lovely.
Did you ever see the Mr Squiggle post on my blog?
If not, look it up on Youtube...

Elliot Cowan said...

Or just go here: