So, after a few Beers.

I helped make this little "anijam THINGY" in New York Last month...

Please go and check it out.......if you want to see the individual sequence drawings. That I did they have a flickr page too with all the frames....

I participated twice because I was too hammered to remember having gone up once already.

I am images 0044 through about 0036(between pg. 6 and 7). and then again from 0146 to about 0154 (this is on pg. 11) There you'll find SUPER kAT ...and some dude with a fish in the air.

Please go check it out....it was a real hoot to participate in.


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ealaimo said...

Well, I remember talking to you about how we both went to CCS, but that's probably because I wasn't drinking.

It was fun as hell, and I think the film came out insane in the best way possible. You gonna attend the second one in April?