I started watching this Naval epic on AMC this weekend.
The film was an Oscar nominee in a handful of categories back in 66'. But, best by far was the fact that Steve McQueen was in it, and Mako too. It was a good deal all around in my opinion. So, I settled in to start the film at 3 am Sunday morning and was well into it. But, after about two hours I got worried, I hadn't seen any plot resolution and new characters where being still introduced..at 5.15 am..Gulp.

Upon further inspection this film is like 4 hours or more in length. that means I'd have to stay up for another two hours to finish it. But, I was exhausted at this point from a lack of sleep the night before. I resolved to netflix it later, shut off the film (have to watch less tube), and go to bed. Which is what I did, only to wake the next morning and realize I could have digitally recorded the other two hours when I went to bed......I am a dope.

But that aside here is a drawing of a sailor. I did while watching the goodness.


liam said...

good stuff mr. P

Adam Rosette said...

a friend of mine showed me your blog. Lots and lots of great stuff on here!

Phil said...

right on Pedro. where you working these days?