Here is a drawing I did on a table mat. It was drawin in a bar that I visited with my brother (Tony) and his lady (Kate) while they was in town. Ther character is very loosely based on my brother but he doesn't have sideburns or that nose... but he does drink BEER!!.
It dawns on me that I need more beer drawings on this Blog... I will have to get on with that...

thanks for all your support people... tell your friends. also, I am still looking for a job. so, if any of you have a lead on something.....Lemme know.

Much love to all



liam said...

some awesome looking recent posts there mr delgado-really digging how your digital painting is coming along, as for drawing beers i am willing as a personal favour to go out drinking and you can sketch my drinks--sound like a deal????


yes.....I will do that in a solid heartbeat buddy.
I will set up some figure drawing outings when I return...because we will be lacking asifa drawing nights.... maybe one or two a week.

Will see..

Thanks for the support buddy.


James said...

it's funny cuz it's true, heh heh. . .not the job thing though. . . .keep your pecker up-as they say in england!

allan said...

you know, i've been offering you a position as 'evil henchman #4' in my gang for AGES now. i guess you're too good for henching or WHATEVER.

Rade said...

Some spiffy doodles going on man. Did you get my email?


Hey allan, I will be a hench dude.... but I have to have a speaking part. and a nifty gun.

Yes rade I got that email.


boob said...

Ha! Funny little sketch - plus I'm fond of the color orange.

Nice stuff!


Thanks everyone. I will post soon, I am still sorting out some things Here in california.