INKS to the very LAST! (With Extra Innings!)

INK-TOBER #031 "Elliot was a Cowpoke who was ready to explore the early frontiers of correspondence dating."
INK-TOBER #032 "Shelby was ready for the six a.m. news every day."
INK-TOBER #033 "Why isn't there a magazine for Klingons...I need more notes on Bat'leth maintenance."
INK-TOBER #034 "Gerald the goose has a horrible potty mouth."
INK-TOBER #035 "Forrest bears dislike two-ply Toilet tissue."
INK-TOBER #036 "Fredrik Frijole: the first great vegetarian gunfighter of the ol' west, never carried a pistol."
INK-TOBER #037 "Clovis was a creature of few words. But, Trick or Treating came naturally to him."
INK-TOBER #038 "Vinny the Vulture arrived too late for the early bird special."
Happy Hallows eve friend-o's,

I am chocking this post full of my Inky offerings and promising that I'll continue to post more often in the future.  All things said I'm pretty happy with what I've done this month.  Even have extra drawings that I didn't post.

Thanks for sticking with my art this October.

Hope you (continue to) Dig,
I even colored Clovis a little.  Happy Halloween 2015 to all.

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