Going on a QUEST!

Wait a minute...
Look at your watch, calendar, sundial, ect.
I'm posting AGAIN!

I've been doing some gallery work in my absence from the blog here and figured I'd share some of that here.

I always liked to imagine that the hero was just whistling the tune while, he marched about on his quest.
About a month ago I was involved in the second installment of a Video Game themed show in Brooklyn called 8Bit & Beyond 2.  I'd been involved with the first show and was happy to be invited back to participate.  After much deliberation I figured I'd draw inspiration from my very first 8bit RPG.  Dragon Warrior.

I just remember hours of grinding levels, and listening to the over world audio looping infinitely.  certainly, a favorite of mine.  Aside from illustrating some lovable Slime Creatures, with a nod to Akira Toriyama.  I also tried to work in a bit of music, because the games soundtrack is pretty great.

I'm relatively happy with how the image came out too.
It's a similar process to how my Hellboy image was made a few months back.  However, things went far more smoothly during this artworks execution due to some much needed simplification in my workflow.  Hell, even a few things that seemed like mistakes at first wound up lending a nice texture to the finished image overall (seen below).

A Warrior Wandering Whilst Whistling Within the Overworld.
Looking at this image again has me thinking about playing the game again sometime soon.
I sorely miss playing a good RPG.
Hope you dig,

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