It Came from 1984!

"Little Byrne, Big Suit" 10x10  Pencil, maker, bristol & paper collage.  

   Earlier this month I wrapped up this image for a show over at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn.
The only guideline from the gallery was that I needed to reference a movie from the year 1984.  Sounded like fun, and I signed on.

   Upon further research I found that there were a bunch of fantastically inspiring films to work with. That one short year between the end of 83' and the dawn of 85' had me considering 12 possible movies.  I had to narrow it down to one image. 

   So, my brain shut down for a time.  Overwhelmed by the options and possibilities that usually send my mind into a spin.  Granted I draw a lot of stuff during this time; mostly sketches.  This often doesn't help, must like having a team of sled dogs all pulling in opposing directions.  After two days of sketching I can be left with WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS, and a deadline that is not going to change.  Gotta find a direction then get into the execution, not the other way around.  Must remind myself to point those dogs in one direction, and then GO.

That aside I wound up making an image based on the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense.
I wound up abandoning a few images and going with something kinda basic.  However, part way through the rending one of my earlier ideas resurfaced.  Had fun with it, and it seems to have gone over well in the show.

Same as it ever was,

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