I like Cartoons.
I'm an older guy now so that statement often gets a raised eyebrow these days.  People either asking me when I'm gonna "Grow Up", or if all the work is "done in the computer nowadays?".

I love Old Cartoons.
Man I love old cartoons, simple characters.  Limbs of the finest rubbery hose, and drawings finished in thick black ink.

I plan to watch more Cartoons.
I've hit a bit of a lull lately, and really need to go back and rewatch some stuff.  Possibly lay hand on some new disks too.

I even Draw Cartoons. 
Though truthfully I need to stop typing this post and get back to the actual drawings.

Hope you dig.

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drewdraws said...

Great stuff mate!

I was thinking....We should try and get the drawing board going again with our powers combined. You want to do some collabs in the girls section??

...or get some jams going and invite friends to join in? Whatta ya think?