ER......... I mean 400.

One Year ago, I set a goal for myself. I decided to match the number of posts I'd made in the first four years of my blog over the span of twelve months... 400 Posts later, I can say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!".

I had a tough time picking an image to post as image 400. I opted for this one since I kinda hoped for a sense of enlightenment. to accompany my feeling of accomplishment at meeting this goal. I also want to take a quick moment and thank all my friends and followers who've supported my efforts and checked in on the blog... You all drive me to be better at what I do. You are all Awesome.

In closing I feel pretty good about my endeavor, and the work it turned out. I'll take it easy for a few weeks now as the holidays approach so that I can relax my drawing arm a tad. I imagine I'll post once or twice more before the year is out but I wanna keep it simple. Because, Next year there will be MORE ART for me to make, and I look forward to sharing it with you here.

Hope you dig,


Alisa said...

Congrats! That's quite a goal to meet.


Thanks Alisa, It's been pretty challenging... Now, I've just gotta figure out what my goals are for next year..

Brendan Tobin said...

Way to go, man. Astonishing feat.



Many thanks Brendan...