An American in PARIS...

"Dinner Bell at the Bottom of the Food Pyramid"

I was a recently honored by an invitation to an 8-Bit Video games themed show in PARIS, FRANCE at FLAQ Gallery (8-Bit Champions). Yep, this is the first international viewing of my artwork, and I'm really excited.

I made an image themed on PAC_MAN which explains the recent rash of PAC MAN here on the blog. I also tried to change up the type of image I was making. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and see myself making more 8-bit tribute images in the future just for my own entertainment.

Now on a sadder note. I,ve recently found out, that my image (above) will not be in the opening night of the show, which is right about now because of timezone differences. I'm told that its due to some kind of problem with postal papers and foreign Customs... DANG....
However on a happier note, I'm told that the work will be added to the show in when it clears customs... HELL YES!.

I'd like to end by thanking Thomas and Joe in coordination with the Autumn Society for making this event happen and for letting me be involved.. MERCI, and THANK YOU!

As always I hope you dig.


:: smo :: said...

dude i really dig this one!! the food pyramid really tips it over the top!


thanks SMO.... Need that steady diet of ghosts..