Luscious Bubblegum Pink flavored TUESDAY

Here are some scribbles for today.
I'm not normally a fan of bright bubblegum pink colors. But, I'm sometimes asked to use them in super sugary instances... Cosmetics and fashion work sometimes calls for it, and I used to work on a children's cartoon show where we'd regularly have to "Pink" the designs in order to make the appealing...
However a Co-worker clued me into this awesome little short film about the color PINK today. See Off Register: Luscious and I couldn't resist using some Pink to color with.
I like some of the sketches from today but plan to tackle my sketchpad on the train ride home tonight so that I have some really fun stuff for tomorrow. Kinda just wanna do drawings tonight and catch a show this evening. But, for now I'm gonna jet.

As always I hope you dig.

P.S. Weird pink colored Thomas Jefferson in the lower right hand corner..


Liam said...

Great stuff dude, love these sketches right from the old sketchbook, with a dash of photoshop bubblegum, my favourite is the rat/chicken hybrid up top-keep these coming!!


Thanks Buddy...


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