Rachmaninov or Rachmaninoff

Found this drawing of Rachmaninoff today on the computer from some weeks back. The proper spelling of his name will be forever a mystery to me..is it Sergei or Sergey, and aren't they the same thing.. I do however prefer to spell his last name with the two F's.
Regardless of all that, I wanted to try and loosen up a bit so I played some of his music and put a bit of finish on the sketch. I might come back to it and do a more finished Illo in the future...
For the moment though I am somber, so much to process in the past several days...I think I'll drink my tea... try to clear my head, and listen to perhaps my favorite bit of Rachmaninoff's work:
The Prelude in C sharp Minor Opus 3 No. 2
Moody Music...for a relatively Moody evening..

Hope you dig the work...I'll post more soon...

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