Few people know that pigs used to have mustaches. This unique appendage offered them the ability to forage for morsels, along with increasing their ability to distinguish a wide array or odors. The MOUSTACHE PIG is all but gone today but with the fossil record and many well cataloged and documented finds we can prove not only that this great porcine creature roamed the earth. But, we can also begin to see this majestic creatures origins.
Here you'll see an artists rendering of MOUSTACHE PIG, and his Prehistoric forefather. PORCASTACIKUS, several digs in the american heartland have unearthed full skeletons of these mammoths. Preliminary studies tell scientists that the PORCASTACIKUS; or PORCKUS for short, was a sizable creature. They also suspect that their massive and unkempt mustaches played a part in both combative defense maneuvers and mating rituals.


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Joe Stucky said...

I am sure the giants horns where usefull for somethings as well?

Love the stache work here dude!