SHOOK The man's hand and thanked him for Jessica Rabbit.
He signed my Copy of the survival kit (which I am reading again now), and the evening was sort of a live infomercial for his new 16 DVD Set.
Its all the stuff from the book, accept you get his live drawing and discussion, along with, animation of all the stuff in the book to help illustrate key points.
All of this for the magical price of.
$914.08 US Dollars (subject to exchange rate changes).
WOW........I guess I have some lawns to mow, and a few yards to rake. But, I wouldn't mind owning it, when I have that kinda disposable income...

Still, even beyond the sell of the evening, I AM UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY TO HAVE BEEN THERE!

He was very animated, even chatty for a man of 75 year and furthermore I was humbled by some of he said, I took notes. Which I will look over again at another time to further digest. He talked about some of the greats, Jones, Kahl, Harris, and others whilst peppering with the odd video clip.

Really an enjoyable evening, happy to have been there. Made me want to pick up my pencil and GO, GO, GO!


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Elliot Cowan said...

I did the masterclass in 1999 in Sydney.
It was $600 Australian then...