Based on the positive response to ROBIN AND LITTLE JOHN, I guess I should do more fan art based on Disney stuff. But,NAW!!!...Your stuck with some of my other stuff for now.
Thanks again for all the support and stopping in to make sure I am all productive and respectable. ....Alright maybe just productive, respectable is a lot to ask.

Here's another automobile.. cutting a wicked AUTOFART!!


Ryan Green said...

The pumpkin carriage from CINDERELLA?! I love it! More Disney, Pedro!


haw haw haw.....
WISEASS.... Thanks though...I will do a few more disney bits I think.
I have a few other odd favorite films from the house that Walt built.

Joe Stucky said...

air car all the way duder!!!

Mark said...

Wicked sketch.... Nice blog too

Mark said...

Hey thanks for dropping by.. I noticed that your profile says your from NYC. I was just wondering if you knew of any cool animation studios in the NYC I've only been able to find a couple.. Maybe you know more about this than me since ur over there.. Thanks Man..