Hey all,
I will have some work shown at the Asifa East fest this weekend. I spent some of my time last year freelancing (whilst unemployed) with Dancing Diablo (out of Brooklyn).
I worked with the most excellent Dan FORGIONE on some commercial spots for the Bronx Zoo....lots of fun.

So I'll be there for the screening and some drinks after the fact. It should be a hoot. Please feel free to say Hi to me...I have a crazy looking beard and glasses....I am not much for starting conversations without a little push.

Its in Manhattan, here's the info.

The ASIFA-East Animation Festival
Sunday, May 4, 6 PM
Tishmand Auditorium
The New School
66 West 12th street.
Admisson: FREE! Invite as many in your entourage as you wish...


Fawn said...


what piece you've got there, commercial stuff? so exiting!
can't believe it's another year of asifa film fest already.

sounds like you've been super busy.
go go pedrooooo!



Yeah it. It should be two commercials for the bronx Zoo...I spent lots of time on clean up.

they turned out alright...the coloring really sells them and covers up any mistakes that I missed while i rushed the deadline.


marcobucci said...

nice big shapes!

Fawn said...

oh yeah, i saw that piece on dan's blog. it looks so pretty. how did they color that?

Patsy said...

Hey Pedro!
It was cool to see you at Drawing last night...I heard from everyone u go a bunch...I go every few weeks but I guess I must miss you all the time...lol. I'm gonna be going alot more once Art starts them up again...I really need the practice...see you there!

the clownninja said...

great stuffs pedro.

Chris Bivins said...

Lol. Love the bear man. Really fun and entertaining.