Do to some serious mix-ups I just lost a sizable amount of data on my computer. Which wouldn't be a problem accept that the back ups I believed I had to cover up the error. Isn't there. This means that I lost some website content, some code, some personal stuff I was putting together and more.

I will attempt to rectify this, and learn from it. I have never had a loss of data that was this severe. After this. I don't ever want one again.

Thanks for hearing me out and wish me luck.


Pedro Delgado


Brendan Tobin said...

When I drink too much, I get some data loss, too. Best of luck in retrieval, Pedro.


allan said...

dude! that blows hardcore. i have a really simple auto backup setup on my computers. i'll send you some links if you want to hookitup.


Thanks Guys,

This has put me in a serious funk for the past couple of days. I appreciate hearing a kind word from you.....

Learning Lessons, isn't easy.


Joe Stucky said...

Throw that damn computer away and get a pencil!That really sucks duder!!! Much love from Hong Kong! Good luck man!

Nathan said...

That sucks. I accidentally deleted a few dozen GB of music last year. There's nothing quite like realizing it's all gone. Forever. :(