SpaceLad Strikes!!!

I dunno if I am happy with the final finish but, it was an exercise so. I will just learn from it I guess.

The legwork and initial doodle:

The colors:

Hope you dig.



liam said...

awesome-a term thrown about too much no doubt but it totally is. Your painting has come on so much lately dude-really digging those colours-have to get you to sit down so i can check out your process-very cool.


thanks Liam.

a scanned sketch that was traced with linework in Flash. (thats when I added the Alien and modified the beam).
Then I pulled in various layers to photoshop with basic jpegs.

Its actually a lot like the bg process for Mikey.

Glad you dig it.


Tiki Rox said...

um.....i have to say....lovely illustration.....but really....why does the cute clawed alien have to get it huh?

Why not the smug arrogant spaceman?

I'm just trying to look out for our fellow sentient beings yo.