EL Ghost of SPARTA.

I unearthed this from a recently finished sketch pad. It was drawn while I was visiting L.A. for the Con, back at the beginning of the month. I also need to say that this isn't all my drawing...... it was started by the most talented 'JEFF VICTOR' (who's link is off to the side as well as below) during the thursday drawing fling at Priscilla's.

Jeff Deftly noodled out the basic body type and then I requested the permission to do something to the rest of the drawing. So, he is Kratos now... I really like the way that Jeff handled the neck and arms...the head was great too but, it only got better with the inclusion of the beard. Best part is JEFF LET ME KEEP THIS JEM!!.
Thanks JEFF.... YOU ROCK.



Alexei Martins said...

Wow!!AMAZING!!! Cool style of art!!! Love your blog!!
I'll be back! :)


Brendan Tobin said...

Nice Kratos, the new God of War. I really dug that game a lot, and need to get the second dealie. You should do another with his chain blade.