where it all came from..

Thanks to all of you who are checking out the Blog. This last topic has broken the record for most comments posted. I guess that means that you like the work..... Or you all really have a thing for Link in the land of HYRULE....

Attached are a few of the images that lead up to this image......One is the pencil sketch that got me going on link with the triforce.

The other is an earlier illustration that I had done with free time after work.

I will make a concerted effort to keep the art coming your way....You wanna look at stuff, and I wanna make stuff....I sounds like a fine coupling to me.

I will definately be doing more zelda and Link stuff in the future...maybe do some Gannon soon too... Till then Enjoy this bit of goodness, THAT LINK IS A WOMAN....but, Damn she has moves.

I dunno how to link to this stuff through mac yet.---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Torg4VAtUhc


P.s., I am unemployed, If anyone knows of work that might be going on feel free to holler at me about it... I work hard, and I clean up after myself..... Till then I will continue to hunt.

p.p.s. , If any one out there is rocking a Mac and can explain to me hoaw to get links to work in these files I would appreciate it.

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